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Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca – it’s very nice to meet you all! Maybe you’ve met me in Play Along with Froggy show or in Performance Club!I was born in Switzerland but grew up in America from the age of four. My Mother is British and my Father is American which means I am from both USA and the UK. I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin which is in America but I have lived in many places all over the U.S.When I’m not singing and dancing with the boys and girls in shows or performance club, I’m also a Mum to my three year old son Aaron! I also act and teach drama around Hong Kong.

One of my favorite things to do is to take my son to Disneyland! I live along the Tung Chung line so it’s quite easy and close! We love to see the shows at Disneyland, especially “Mickey and The Wondrous Book”. We like to collect stickers around the park, eat at the Explorer’s Club, watch Mickey’s Philhar Magic, ride the Mystic Manor ride and meet Tinker Bell! If I’m there with other adults, I like to ride Space Mountain and The Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars! Since I’m a busy Mum and performer, in my free time I like to relax at home! If I’m not relaxing at home, I love to go to the movie theatre and eat popcorn!! I also like eating out at different restaurants with friends or reading books with my son.


It has been such a pleasure to meet all the amazing kids at World Family! It is such a joy to work with so many talented and smart kids. I love watching kids gain confidence and happiness through performance and theatre! It’s amazing how quickly everyone is able to improve and how comfortable they become speaking in front of others and taking risks! Not only does drama raise self-esteem and confidence but it also fosters individuality and imagination and the ability to work well with others and on a team. I can’t wait to meet more of the World Family member’s kids and parents!

大家好!我是Rebecca。 很高興認識你們!或許您在Play Along With Froggy活動或者活動中心遇見過我!我在瑞士出生,但從四歲開始在美國長大。母親是英國人而父親則是美國人,這意味著我來自美國和英國。我的成長地在美國威斯康星州的麥迪遜,也住過美國很多其他的地方。當我不用演出或在寰宇家庭俱樂部與男孩和女孩們唱歌和跳舞時,我也是我三歲的兒子亞倫的媽媽!其餘的時間我會演戲和教別人做戲。





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